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Unmatched Innovation in Irrigation Sprinklers

Nelson Irrigation offers a full line of water application products designed for your specific field conditions and crops that result in higher yields and quality at harvest. Unmatched innovation in irrigation from Nelson has brought about years of revolutions, such as Rotator® technology on drops and Big Gun® sprinklers.

NEW: 3NV Nozzle and the 3030 Series Pivot Sprinklers
The new 3030 Series Pivot Sprinklers with the 3NV nozzle system turns a great sprinkler into a highly effective farm management device. Simply push and turn this multi-use nozzle for on, off, nozzle flush and line flush functions. The 3NV nozzle fits all existing sprinkler types: Accelerator, Orbitor, Rotator, Spinner, Sprayhead and Part Circle. You can maximize efficiency with the square thread fitting.

Seamless Integration with Your Existing Equipment

  • To gain the benefits of the new 3030 Series of center pivot sprinklers, you simply need a new nozzle and body. The cap, plate, regulator and fittings integrate entirely. (Note: Orbitor weight can be used, but will need new body/plate.)
  • Since on, off and flush functions all take place without removing the nozzle, you’ll no longer drop or lose nozzles in the field!
  • A 3NV dual nozzle clip (with Hi-Flo, Lo-Flo differentiation) helps you adapt to differing watering needs, such as crop establishment, chemigation or lowering water tables.

A3000 and new A3030 with 3NV nozzle

  • The Gold Plate provides superior throw and a low application rate, allowing for longer soak time and reduced runoff
  • Maximizes performance of in-canopy water application
  • Designed as a low pressure hybrid of Rotator and Spinner technology
  • Increases rotation speed through the nozzle range to optimize throw distance and droplet characteristics
  • The Navy plate provides an option for up top applications
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O3000 and new O3030 with 3NV nozzle

  • Provides outstanding uniformity and optimal droplets at low operating pressures
  • Bracketless assembly reduces debris hang up and misting
  • Excellent water application solution from 10-20 PSI (.7-1.4 bar) operating pressure
  • Universal 3TN quick-change, color-coded plastic nozzle
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R3000 and new R3030 with 3NV nozzle

  • Features the greatest throw distance available on drop tubes
  • The wide water pattern from rotating streams equates to lower average application rates, longer soak time and reduced runoff
  • More overlap with adjacent sprinklers improves uniformity
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S3000 and new S3030 with 3NV nozzle

  • Utilizes a free-spinning action to produce a gentle, rain-like water pattern
  • Designed for more sensitive crops and soils
  • Low instantaneous application rates and reduced droplet kinetic energy help maintain proper soil structure
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T3000 Trashbuster

  • Developed for the land application of processed water
  • Features an open-architecture body design to pass debris more easily
  • Available with the 3000 FC, a plug-resistant, flow compensating sprinkler package to simplify maintenance
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D3000 and new D3030 with 3NV nozzle

  • Afixed spray designed with future needs in mind
  • Features a flip-over cap to change spray patterns as irrigation needs change
  • Easily convertible to LEPA
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D3000 and new D3030 with 3NV nozzle

  • Afixed spray designed with future needs in mind
  • Features a flip-over cap to change spray patterns as irrigation needs change
  • Easily convertible to LEPA
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Pressure Regulators

  • Precision manufactured to feature a patented dampening system, plug resistance, and expanded flow range
  • “Single Strut” technology is now standard in all models of pressure regulators
  • Patented design minimizes “hair-pinning” of debris around the inlet seat of the pressure regulator, reducing the potential for debris plugging
  • Also available with integral connection
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Big Gun

  • A worldwide reputation for quality, performance, and support
  • Full and part-circle end guns available in a variety of trajectory, nozzle, and coating options
  • Hand adjustable stops for precise arc control
  • Total of nine ball bearings, all sealed and lifetime lubricated for long wear life and reliability
  • SR Series has the same slow forward and reverse speeds, increasing stability and improving uniformity
  • Patented pressure and flow compensating drive spoon eliminates need for adjustments
  • Consistent brake load provides consistent resistance to rotation over the life of the gun

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R55A End of Pivot

  • Uses Rotator technology
  • Works in the low pressure range of 15-30 PSI
  • Can operate continuously, corners only, alone, or as secondary end gun
  • Up to 50-foot radius
  • Low trajectory streams, large droplets resist wind and drift
  • Four color-coded nozzles to match flow rates

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