Komet Precision Twister

komet irrigatin sprinklers - center pivot irrigation sprinklers

Water Distribution

  • Komet 3-D Motion System gives a very uniform water distribution throughout entire water pattern
  • Specially designed body legs reduce dripping to a minimum

Consistency of Droplet Size

  • Special groove and surface design provide consistent water droplets across entire water pattern
  • Minimal losses to wind drift
  • Gentle to sensitive soils

Energy Efficiency

  • Operating pressure range 6 - 20 PSI (.41 - 1.38 Bar) for all nozzle sizes #10/128 - #52/128
  • Industry leading performance at the lowest pressures reduce energy inputs to a minimum


  • Komet 3-D Motion System concentrates the water force onto the central axis of the sprinkler, putting very little stress on the sprinkler assembly
  • A crop guard is built into the main body of the Komet Precision Twister (KPT) sprinkler preventing the deflector from stalling in heavy crop canopy


  • 3 Plate choices: Standard trajectory, Low trajectory, and the industry-exclusive Ultra Low trajectory
  • Rapid Fit Nozzle System – fast and easy installation and cleaning of plugged nozzles
  • Integrated additional nozzle carrier to adjust flows mid season - just add a nozzle, no separate holder to purchase

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