Proof Positive® Span Cable

Traceable Span Cable - A Superior Theft Deterrent

Protecting your Assets from Irrigation Cable Theft

One of the biggest challenges in stopping the epidemic of copper cable theft has been the inability to prove ownership of stolen cable, which is the key to prosecuting thieves. Even if a recycler suspected cable was stolen, the owner couldn’t be identified. Until now.

Proof Positive® Span Cable is a traceable, theft-deterrent span cable that provides dealers and farmers like you with proof of cable ownership. The cable is manufactured with unique TraceID codes printed on a tape inside the jacket. As cable is sold, ownership data is entered in an online database accessible to recyclers and law enforcement. A bright yellow outer jacket alerts recyclers - and thieves - that this is traceable cable. Recyclers can enter the ID codes into a database to confirm ownership of suspected stolen cable. Then law enforcement can prosecute the thieves that steal span cable off your pivots.

Take the next step in protecting yourself from irrigation copper theft today.

Proof Positive Span Cable is manufactured by Southwire® Company, and sold exclusively through Paige® Electric. Valley Irrigation is the only center pivot irrigation manufacturer offering Proof Positive Cable Span to its dealer network.

Reliable Traceability provides immediate proof of ownership
Durable Preserves equipment integrity – easily identifiable, bright yellow cable jacket serves as a visual deterrent to thieves
Precise Marker tape contains TraceID codes unique to every three inches of cable
Advanced TraceID codes can be traced to the cable owner
Responsive Foolproof mechanism of proving ownership of stolen cable – key to prosecuting thieves
  • Unique ID codes printed on tape inside cable jacket, codes traceable to cable owner
  • Ownership data maintained in online database accessible to recyclers and law enforcement
  • Bright yellow colored cable jacket alerts recyclers (and thieves) that cable is traceable
  • Traceability provides proof of ownership, allowing for prosecution