Valley® Flexible Steel Conduit

Provide Added Security for Your Center Pivot Span Cable

Protecting Farmers from Irrigation Cable Theft

Valley® Stainless Steel Banding is a heavy-duty span cable theft solution that can be used in place of conventional means of securing your cable. How the banding spacing is up to you, which allows for customization based on your center pivot and operation. However, we recommend you keep the bands close to each other to provide improved irrigation copper theft protection. To protect the wire, shims are installed under each stainless steel band. This product can be used in combination with other Valley CableGuard™ products for additional span cable security.

  • Provides added deterrence for span cable cutting and theft
  • Utilizes Valley Stainless Steel Banding to anchor the conduit to the span pipe
  • Steel electrical connections bring the conduit and span cable into the tower box
Reliable Encases the entire span cable for added security
Durable Valley structure — engineered for long life
Precise Held in place with Valley Stainless Steel Banding as a heavy duty anchor
Advanced Retrofit your existing center pivot or linear
Responsive Valley dealers — fast, dependable service