Valley® Cable Armor

Complete Span Coverage

Deter Irrigation Copper Theft

Valley® Cable Armor is designed to deter copper cable theft from your center pivots and linears by covering the entire span cable. The armor is attached to the pipe with a heavy-duty galvanized steel band clamp and a 5/8 inch bolt, making it difficult to remove, and nearly impossible to cut with bolt cutters. A flange cover with closed ends and flexible steel conduit at the top provides complete span coverage and a secure span cable.

Motor Lead Armor from Valley is a steel shield attached to the inside of your center pivot's drive leg unit with bolts and flashing. We recommend this product in operations where the motor lead could be damaged by livestock.

In addition to Cable Armor and Motor Lead Armor, we offer these flexible steel conduit kits to provide complete cable protection for your irrigation equipment:

  • Tower Box Kit
  • Panel to J-Pipe Kit
  • Armor to Collector Ring Kit
  • Tower Box to ARAS Kit
Reliable Your entire span cable is completely covered, making it nearly impossible to remove
Durable Valley structure — engineered for long life
Precise Cable Armor is secured with flashing and bolts, making sure it stays put
Advanced Retrofit your existing center pivot or linear
Responsive Valley dealers — fast, dependable service