Variable Frequency Drives

Boost Efficiency, Save Money with Valley® Water Management

There’s no reason to spend more money than necessary to operate your irrigation equipment. Installing a Variable Frequency Drive (VFD) will control your pump motor’s speed to deliver only what your operation needs to function at optimal efficiency. You’ll dramatically boost energy savings by preventing over pumping and over pressurizing of your irrigation equipment. And energy savings means cost savings!

Valley® Water Management has partnered with Yaskawa™ to bring you the highest-quality, highest-performing VFD for agriculture. The Yaskawa iQPump®1000 VFD (or Valley Water Management VFD) leads the industry in performance and features for agricultural irrigation applications and is now available through your local Valley dealer.

Why choose the Valley Water Management VFD?

  • Money savings – Energy savings produce meaningful cost savings that you will continue for many years.
  • Multiple control options – Control your drive via pressure, flow, level, or any factor you prefer.
  • Highly reliable – Field proven in the ag market with thousands of units in operation.
  • Versatility – Powerful water pumping software  from Yaskawa 

Valley drives also offer numerous built-in protection features ensure your pumping solution operates smoothly and protect your investment if something does go wrong. All these protection features are standard on our VFDs. 

NEW: Valley Water Management Offering Soft Starts

Valley Water Management also is partnering with Motortronics to provide soft starts for its pump stations, as well as for general sales to Valley dealers. Motortronics is the world leader in soft start technology and manufacturing. It has decades of experience in building soft starts and private label soft starts for some of the biggest electronics companies in the world.

The soft starts are available in two standard configurations. The first is a standard run/bypass model, VIPS-S. This model has run-rated bypass contactors that close and operate the motor once it is up to speed. The second standard configuration is a start/bypass model, VIPS-H. This model has bypass contactors that are rated for the full starting current of the motor and allow the motor to be started across the line if anything should happen to the soft start. Both come standard in a NEMA 4 enclosure.

Pump protection features

  • Pump cycling
  • Pressure feedback lost
  • Pipe break detection
  • No flow
  • Over torque
  • Loss of prime
  • Low/high pressure feedback detection

Motor protection features

  • Motor over temperature
  • Overload current limit
  • Ground fault
  • Broken shaft
  • Motor overload
  • Minimum speed

VFD protection features

  • Over/under voltage
  • Short circuit
  • Input phase loss
  • Over temperature
  • Phase imbalance
  • Convert single phase input power to three phase output power to run your pumps
  • Templates for easily setting faults and protections
  • Software from Yaskawa designed specifically for ag irrigation and water pumping
  • Application specific programs (for turbine, submersible, centrifugal, etc.)
  • Load management automatic system restart
  • Pipe fill mode
  • Constant pressure control with well draw down control
  • Impeller anti-jam automatic control
  • Submersible motor thrust bearing control
  • Loss of prime monitoring
  • Dead head monitoring
  • Secondary transducer backup
  • Back Spin Timer prevents damage if pump is turned off and on
  • One VFD can control up to five lag pumps without additional PLCs or HMIs
  • Multiple VFDS, up to eight, can be controlled in a multiplex application without additional hardware or programming
  • Design flexibility to configure cost-effective packages
  • Outdoor-rated NEMA 3R enclosures to protect your drives even in harsh conditions
  • Enclosure available with many options, including harmonic filters and side mount handle for ease of access
Reliable Numerous built-in protection features ensure your pumping solution operates smoothly
Durable Field-proven with thousands of units in operation
Precise Responds to a pre-programmed input signal to vary pump speed to match your exact requirements
Advanced Uses the best and most versatile water pumping software (Yaskawa iQPump®1000) on the market
Responsive Valley dealers — fast, dependable service

Valley Drive Connect™

Get the maximum benefit from your variable frequency drive investment with Drive Connect™. This Valley-exclusive product allows you to control your VFD from the point you really care about – the end of your center pivot.

With Drive Connect, you can put a pressure transducer at the end of your pivot – or anywhere you want to monitor pressure – and wirelessly transmit the reading to the VFD that controls your pumping operation. You’ll get maximum efficiency from your drive by not over or under pressurizing at the most critical operating point.

Valley Drive Connect features include:

  • 900MHz, frequency-hopping radios for reliable performance
  • Ability to control VFD pressure from anywhere
  • Optional high-gain antennas to extend range
  • Compatible with Valley Pump Connect® nodes for on/off control
  • Optional light provides quick, visual indicator of operating status

This product is only available in North America at this time. Please contact your local Valley dealer for more information.

Your Local Valley Dealer

Contact your Valley dealer about this new option and about creating your full-scale, Valley pumping station package.