Universal Linear

Make an Easy Switch from Linear to Center Pivot Mode

With the ability to automatically switch from linear irrigation to pivot mode, the Valley Universal linear is designed for swing-around farm irrigation applications. Unlike other swing-around linears, the Valley Universal can automatically switch between linear mode and pivot mode, allowing you to increase the number of irrigated acres.

Maximum machine length 1,300' Modified alignment option  Yes 
Span length options
All available Full floating alignment option Yes
Pipe diameter options 6 5/8" Hose connections (I.D.) 4" & 6" (single)
Pipeline choices Galvanized, PolySpan® Auto-reverse on the hose Optional 
Hose option Yes Hose - HDPE Yes
Ditch/canal option Yes Power supply Cord drag, genset
End feed option Yes Cart-mounted pump No
Center feed option
No Pump options Cornell®
Swing-around option Yes Chemigation platform Yes
Towable option Yes Water inlet Floating
GPS Guidance No Control panel options AutoPilot Linear, ClassicPlus
Below-ground cable guidance Yes     
Furrow guidance Yes    
Above-ground cable guidance No    

Hose Feed

  • Easy swing-around capabilities
  • 8-span maximum
  • Furrow or below-ground guidance

Ditch Feed

  • Side ditch option
  • Above-ground or below-ground guidance
  • No priming required
Reliable Programming with AutoPilot Linear — will automatically irrigate the linear while rotating
Durable Gives you two irrigation machines in one — saves you money!
Precise Can irrigate while swinging around
Advanced Easy switch from pivot to linear mode
Responsive Valley dealers — fast, dependable service