Valley Precision Corner®

Maximize Your Irrigated Acres

Precision Corner Irrigation Technology

Every acre of land is valuable, and the Valley Precision Corner ® has proven its worth time and time again on farmland across the country. Our Precision Corner turns once difficult-to-irrigate corners into green crops, helping you earn more green by boosting your bottom line, no matter what you grow.

NEW! Trimble® Irrigate-IQ™ Uniform Corner

When you have a corner arm on your pivot irrigation system, you are able to extend your irrigable land and maximize your yield. But when your corner arm doesn’t apply a uniform application, you end up with areas that are either over- or under-watered—resulting in an undesirable use of water and potential damage to your crop.

Trimble Irrigate-IQ uniform corner ensures you achieve a consistent application on areas covered by the corner arm, so you can be sure your water resources are being used in the best way possible to improve crop quality and yields.

Meet IQ

Valley Terrain Compensation

Valley Terrain Compensation is a Valley-exclusive module for GPS guided corners that can reduce oversteering and improve wheel track accuracy on rolling terrain or high ridges. This irrigation technology calculates the difference between the GPS antenna’s actual location and the desired position of the guidance path, compensating for position errors caused by changes in the terrain. Terrain Compensation provides a straighter, repeatable wheel track for your corner machine, causing less crop damage.

Valley Corner DualDrive™

The Valley Corner DualDrive™ features two closely spaced tires that provide excellent traction and increased floatation. It allows your corner machine to move through difficult soil types and adverse field conditions without getting stuck, and minimizes crop damage.

Pipe diameter options 6 5/8"
Corner length options 267' - 287'
Tire size options
Span connection Ball and socket
Crop clearance profile options Low, standard
  • Option of Single Frequency RTK GPS Guidance or Multi Frequency GPS Guidance 
  • Water transfer connection and hose eliminates pressure-robbing 90 degree turns
  • Patented perpendicular base beam and wider wheelbase increases stability
  • Operator platform allows easy access to operator interface panel
  • Service/run rocker switch permits quick and easy recovery from a safety shutdown without a service call
  • Angle sensor assures proper water application in corners
  • Patented Valley corner control panel
  • Diagnostics displayed on LED screen
  • Indicator lights display machine status, tension, and compression
  • Patented chemigate/irrigate selection switch allows the use of a fixed-rate injection pump to apply crop chemicals and fertilizers uniformly
  • Patented, optional Water Utilization Package allows for maximum water application uniformity in selected applications
Reliable Simplified design — eliminates need for complex mechanisms
Durable Valley structure — engineered for long life
Precise Sprinkler sequencing — water application uniformity and deliver better crop yields
Advanced Valley control technology — patented control panel for complete control and monitoring
Responsive Valley dealers — fast, dependable service