Bender30™ & Bender160™

Increase Your Irrigated Acres and Profitability with Irrigation Technology Innovations

Get the Most Out of Irrigation Systems

Tree lines and buildings can get in the way of your irrigation operation, keeping valuable acres out of production. Valley® understands this challenge, and that's why we offer the Bender product line for center pivots. Our Valley Benders can be easily, and inexpensively, added to your existing or new center pivot irrigation systems to put those acres into production, which can increase your yields and profitability.

The Valley Bender irrigation technology options can be installed on any span tower, and multiple Benders can be added to the same pivot for maximum benefit. We offer two Bender options to fit your needs: the Bender30™ and the Bender160™.

What is a Bender?

The Valley Bender is an option added to your center pivot that basically "wraps" it around whatever is in its way: a tree line, a fence, a dairy, or other obstruction. Two barriers are installed by your local Valley dealer on either side of the area that you want to irrigate around. When the pivot reaches the first barrier, the span tower that has the Bender installed, also known as the "bending" tower, keeps irrigating while the rest of the pivot stops. When the "bending" tower reaches the second barrier, it auto-reverses until it becomes flush with the stopped portion of the pivot, which will then resume irrigating in normal fashion. 

Bender Anchor Irrigation Parts
Only Valley offers an anchor for its bending drive units because only Valley center pivots have the strength to handle long Bender machines. With this anchor structure, you can use Valley Benders on longer machines, as well as on rough or rolling terrain. Now your machine can bend up to 2,000 feet to irrigate additional acres at a low per-acre cost. The new barricade keeps the front tire positioned on a hard surface to prevent sliding during bending and anchors the back tire close to the ground. Once the anchor package is installed, no grower intervention is needed in the field.

  • Bends up to 30 degrees in either or both directions 
  • Available on 7000 series and 8000 series center pivots 
  • Span diameter options — 6", 6 5/8", 8 5/8", 10" 
  • Utilizes existing structural components — easy to retrofit without required structural change 
  • Available with PolySpan® — for use with corrosive water 
  • Bends automatically — no operator input required
  • Bends up to 160 degrees in either or both directions
  • Available on 7000 series and 8000 series center pivots
  • Span diameter options — 6", 6 5/8"
  • Can bend in forward and reverse operation
  • Utilizes custom structural components
  • Integrated end gun and auxiliary controls for bending mode
  • Patent-pending
Reliable Valley exclusive speed-up timer can be set to increase the speed of your center pivot up to 100% to reduce over watering when operating in bending mode
Durable Integrated back-up safeties prevent your center pivot from over bending — ensures return to normal operation after bending
Precise Improved water application while maximizing irrigated acres
Advanced You can install more than one bender product on one center pivot
Responsive Valley dealers — fast, dependable service