Selecting an Irrigation System

Valley Irrigation is a proven choice

Advancements in irrigation equipment and irrigation technology simplify decision making when choosing irrigation systems

The concept behind irrigation efficiency is simple – deliver the required water to your crops, when and where they need it. By this standard, surface irrigation (also known as "flood") is the most wasteful method of irrigation with only 40% to 50% efficiency. Though drip irrigation is more efficient than flood, and as efficient as center pivot and linear irrigation, it is more labor intensive than irrigating with center pivots and linears. You must determine the irrigation method that is best for you, and the choice is yours.

At-a-Glance: Irrigation Method Comparison

  Valley Center Pivots Drip Irrigation Flood Irrigation
Provides greater water efficiency  
Reduces labor costs    
Reduces energy costs  
Easy to install and maintain    
Easily movable from field to field    
Does not limit crop rotation/tillage options
Equipment can last up to 30 years    
Can be monitored/operated remotely  

Your Local Valley Dealer

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