Irrigation GPS Guidance

Precision Application with GPS Technology

Precision Agriculture and Irrigation Management

Forget about the hassle of buried wire and furrow guidance for your corner and linear irrigation equipment. Patented Valley® GPS Guidance uses the latest in satellite-based RTK to accurately steer your machines around the field for the most precise application of water and other crop inputs. Not only will you sleep well at night knowing that your machine is moving along the path you programmed, but GPS Guidance also allows you to install corner and linear irrigation equipment where it used to be difficult or too expensive to do so. All this gives you an opportunity to increase the number of acres available for production and your profitability.

GPS Guidance option with no subscription fee

Valley Single Frequency RTK GPS is an economical guidance option available for new and retro Valley Precision Corners® and Valley VFlex™ Corners – with no subscription fees.

Valley Single Frequency Advantages:

  • Dual Constellation GPS receivers that use twice as many satellites as the competition, reducing the possibility of lost signals
  • Faster start-up time than the competition
  • Reference station included in the typical installation
  • Three configuration options available
  • Receivers and reference stations from Trimble – a leader in GPS technology
  • More accurate and more reliable

Valley GPS farming equipment enhances precision agriculture for modern irrigation.

  • Available for corners and linears
  • Requires a GPS Guidance panel, in addition to your existing control panel
  • Offers the flexibility to utilize either John Deere® StarFire™ RTK or Trimble® RTK corrections
  • Available in both 900 mHz and 450 mHz options
  • Option of Single Frequency RTK GPS Guidance or Multi Frequency GPS Guidance
  • Eliminates buried wire guidance systems
  • Can be retrofit to existing corner and linear irrigation equipment
  • The guidance path can be easily reprogrammed with the exclusive Valley mapping tool to match changes in farm practices or field boundaries
Reliable Accurately guides your corner or linear along the programmed path
Durable Valley patented and designed — engineered for long life
Precise Offers the most precise application of water and crop inputs
Advanced Can be retrofit to existing equipment and can be easily mapped with the Valley exclusive mapping tool
Responsive Valley dealers — fast, dependable service