Valley® ICONX™ Smart Panel

The Key to Complete Control

The Valley® ICONX™ takes control of existing center pivot panels, no matter the pivot brand, using the panel’s circuits and delivering full ICON touch control. Now, all of your center pivots can be on one network.

  • Compatible with all center pivot brands
  • Full ICON control functions at the pivot
  • Intuitive interface
  • 5-inch, full-color touchscreen display
  • AgSense® Enabled
  • BaseStation3™ compatible
  • Variable rate irrigation (VRI) equipped
  • Cable theft monitoring (additional hardware or subscription required)

Compatible With:

  • AgSense
  • BaseStation3
  • Variable rate irrigation (VRI)
Reliable Allows you to bring existing control panels into new, more reliable technology
Durable Modular panel comes equipped with transient and induced voltage protection
Precise Comes standard with GPS Position
Advanced Takes control of your existing center pivot panel and allows you to bring all of your center pivots onto the same network via AgSense or BaseStation3
Responsive As always, Valley dealers provide fast, dependable service

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