Valley® Classic Control Panel

Entry-Level Irrigation Control Panel Designed for Your In-Field Control

Proven, Simple Irrigation Management Control

The Valley® Classic irrigation control panel offers you the lowest initial investment and provides push button, manual operation. The Classic is ideal for a beginning irrigator - enabling personalized irrigation equipment control.

Now, water conservation and irrigation optimization is within the reach of all farmers. The Classic irrigation control panel provides proven technology for entry-level irrigation management.

  • Percent timer to control application
  • Optional mechanical switches that allow you to set pivot direction and monitor for low pressure

Compatible with this Irrigation Equipment:

  • Center pivots
  • BaseStation3™ (with PanelLink)
Reliable Entry-level control panel that is perfect for the beginning irrigator
Durable Valley designed — engineered for long life
Precise Control irrigation application through percent timer
Advanced Remote control through Valley BaseStation3
Responsive Valley dealers — fast, dependable service