Valley® Irrigation Exchange®

New Technology for Integrated Farm Management

Technology has changed the way you operate your farm. There’s no question about it. The changes come with many benefits, but sometimes too much technology can be overwhelming. The introduction of multiple software programs increases the complexity of farm management and creates streams of data that are difficult to integrate.

Valley® Irrigation Exchange® solves these problems by making it easy to share data across platforms. By providing seamless exchange of information between management systems, Irrigation Exchange allows growers to make informed, data-driven decisions regarding water and nutrient management.

Available exclusively with BaseStation3™

  • Facilitates data-driven decisions
  • Simplifies irrigation management
  • Integrates irrigation data into complementary software systems
  • Makes irrigation management tools available across multiple software platforms
  • Synchronizes irrigation with other critical farm operations
  • Seamlessly transfers and executes variable rate irrigation prescriptions developed by third parties
  • Allows irrigation recommendations to be driven by a more complete set of precision ag data
  • Shares information with chosen partners for management, accounting, and compliance activities
  • Allows management of irrigation equipment without switching between software systems
  • Provides a truly comprehensive approach to irrigation management
  • You select partners and grant access to your data
  • Gives you the power to identify, collect, and share data
  • An intuitive, easy-to-use form authorizes data share with selected platforms and partners
  • Partner software imports identified irrigation information
  • Leverages irrigation data alongside other farm information for maximum irrigation efficiency
  • Conforms to all applicable software standards
  • You make decisions and actively manage your irrigation strategy
  • Reliable Gives you complete control over your data and who has access to it
    Durable Valley designed — engineered for long life
    Precise Provides seamless transfer of precision data to other ag companies from BaseStation3
    Advanced Cutting-edge technology; the first of its kind
    Responsive Puts you in command of the most powerful stream of irrigation data ever developed

    So what is Irrigation Exchange™?
    Valley Irrigation Exchange is technology that puts precision irrigation data to work alongside the rest of precision agriculture. It allows growers to:

    • Share irrigation data with industry-leading seed companies, equipment manufacturers and agronomy service providers
    • Integrate irrigation data with other precision ag data
    • Make data-driven decision on their farm
    • Access and control irrigation equipment from within other farm management systems
    • Execute recommendations developed in other partner software programs

    Why do growers need it?
    Growing demand for increased food production to feed growing population, shrinking farm land due to urban sprawl, and limited fresh water supplies are forcing growers to make more informed decisions about water and nutrient management throughout the growing season.

    Large amounts of precision ag data are available, but because farm management software, decision support systems and data acquisition tools often reside on completely separate platforms, using the data in a comprehensive fashion can be very difficult.

    Irrigation Exchange overcomes these barriers by providing data retrieval, data-based decision making and informed implementation of irrigation decisions through Valley BaseStation3, the world’s most powerful irrigation management product.

    How does it work?

    Irrigation Exchange technology empowers the grower to seamlessly transfer precision irrigation data and recommendations into other farm management software systems. It involves a three-step process:

    • Agronomy partners and Original Equipment Manufacturers (OEM) register with Irrigation Exchange and develop a compatibility interface with Valley BaseStation3.
    • Once approved, partners are listed and presented to the grower via the BaseStation3 Irrigation Exchange portal.
    • The grower selects which partners to share with and the types of data he or she is willing to send through a simple interface in BaseStation3.

    Is the software hard to use?

    No, Irrigation Exchange was designed to be easy to use. It is embedded into Valley BaseStation3 and growers simply select specific companies and partners they want to share their selected data with.

    How do growers get Irrigation Exchange?

    Irrigation Exchange is currently available only through Valley BaseStation3. BaseStation3 is the most comprehensive irrigation management solution on the market. It allows growers to remotely manage all their irrigation equipment from a computer, laptop, tablet or smartphone – using native iOS (iPhone, iPad) or Android apps.

    Who has access to the data?

    Irrigation Exchange puts the grower in the driver’s seat. Growers own and control their data. They select specific data to share and with whom to share it by choosing approved partners from a list accessed through their BaseStation3 Irrigation Exchange portal.