Len Adams - Group President Irrigation

Len Adams
President | Global Irrigation

Len began his career at Valmont upon graduation from college in 1978. In 1995, he accepted the role of Vice President of Operations in the Poles Division. This was followed by the roles of Vice President and General Manager of the Industrial Products Division, and subsequently the position of President for the Coatings and Tubing Division. In 2005, he became the president of Valmont® Irrigation. Len is responsible for all aspects of the center pivot and linear irrigation business and Cascade Earth Sciences (CES), a water reuse company located in Oregon.

Rich Panowicz - VP North American Sales Irrigation

Rich Panowicz
Vice President | North American Sales

Rich has been with Valley Irrigation since October 1989. Throughout the years, he has held various positions, including Application Engineering, Technical Sales, Territory Manager, Product Manager, Aftermarket Sales Manager, and most recently Vice President of Sales for North America.

Joshua Dixon

Joshua Dixon
Vice President & General Manager | International

In 2015, Josh joined Valmont Irrigation as Vice President of Global Operations. He was responsible for global manufacturing, process engineering, supply chain management, quality, order management, safety, and logistics. In 2016, Josh became the Vice President & General Manager of International.

Bob Ludvik - VP and Global Controller Irrigation

Bob Ludvik
Vice President & Controller | Global Irrigation

Bob joined Valmont Industries as the Coatings Division Controller in 2003. In 2005, he transferred to Valley Irrigation as the North America Division Controller. He was promoted in 2011 to Global Irrigation Division Controller and was subsequently promoted to Vice President and Group Controller in 2014. He is responsible for managing the Global Irrigation Accounting and Finance department, including credit and collections, inventory cost accounting, financial reporting, budgeting, and forecasting activities.

jodi wacker

Jodi Wacker
Vice President & HR Business Partner | Global Human Resources

Jodi joined Valmont Irrigation in 2014 as the North American Irrigation Human Resources Manager. In 2016, she became Senior Director of Global Human Resources and was promoted to Vice President HR & Business Partner in 2017. Jodi partners with leaders within domestic and international divisions for Irrigation, Tubing and Shared Services to provide direction for the Global Irrigation business. She is responsible for managing all functions and activities necessary to recruit, retain and develop Valmont salaried and hourly workforce.

bob gillen

Bob Gillen
Vice President | Global Operations

Bob joined Valmont Irrigation as Vice President of Global Operations in October 2016 with responsibilities for global manufacturing, process engineering, supply chain management, quality, order management, safety and logistics. Prior to this role, Bob was General Manager of the Valmont Tubing division at the Valley location and General Manager of the galvanizing facility in Salina, KS.

Matt Ondrejko - VP Global Marketing and Product Development

Matt Ondrejko
Vice President | Global Marketing

Matt joined Valley Irrigation in 2013 as Vice President of Global Marketing. He is responsible for global marketing strategy and implementation, marketing communications, research, and product development.

andy carritt - sr director it

Andy Carritt
Vice President | Product Development

Andy joined Valley Irrigation in 1996. Since then, he has played an integral role in redefining the product development methodology within the company. Andy was a member of the first team to implement Agile project management within Valley, and as director of IT and software applications, he facilitated a company-wide shift to bring the voice of the customer to the forefront of product development. Andy leads the product development department, overseeing dealer experience, IT operations and new product development.

darren siekman - director business development

Darren Siekman
Vice President | Water Delivery & Business Development

Darren joined Valmont Irrigation in 2014 to lead a joint development effort between Valmont and DuPont. He was responsible for product development, product launch, manufacturing and sales. In 2016, at the conclusion of the joint development, Darren became Director of Business Development for Global Irrigation & Tubing. In 2017, he was promoted to Vice President of Water Delivery and Business Development. In this role, Darren is responsible for strategy regarding water delivery products and services, acquisitions, partnerships and joint venture opportunities to drive growth and technology advancement for the organization.

terry schiltz - cto

Terry Schiltz
Chief Technology Officer | Global Irrigation

Terry Schiltz is Chief Executive Officer of AgSense® LLC and Chief Technology Officer of Valmont Irrigation. Before joining AgSense in 2003, he co-founded Schiltz Mfg with his father in Wessington, SD, and also formed a telecommunications company in Denver, CO. His understanding and passion for both the agriculture and telecommunications industries are what led him to become a partner in AgSense.

Valmont Managers and Officers

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